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A different take on the Hutspot Collection


Our first collection features a timeless collection of modern essentials. To celebrate the launch, we asked photographers Lonneke van der Palen, Lobke Leijser and Passian Smit to pick their favorite item and photograph it in a unique way. The results were presented at the launch and will be on display at Hutspot Van Woustraat. Read to learn more about the images.

Lonneke van der Palen Why did you choose the Button-down shirt?
I chose the striped shirt, because it gave me the opportunity to play around. It is universal, has volume and you can wear it in different ways. Besides that, the stripes feels very timeless.

allegretto How did you translate the item into image?
I wanted to capture an everyday fashion item in an unconventional way. A men’s shirt that is photographed on a naked woman transforms something wearable into an object of lust. 

Matiri In what can we recognize your personal style?
I try to stay away from the cliché. I love a certain anonymity and I tend to look for abstraction instead of showing the shirt in its totality.

Lonneke van der Palen Hutspot Collection Lobke Leijser Hutspot Collection

Lobke Leijser

Why did you choose the Slip-on dress?
First of all, because it is something I could wear myself! I mostly get inspired by the personality of the model and the things that I associate with the item. In this case, there was a more personal connection and I linked it to an issue that I already had in mind for a longer time.

How did you translate the item into image?
The clothing item is not fully worn, but the model is still free to exhibit herself to the world. When does a material item get emotional value? The Slip-on dress is reduced to a piece of fabric, but is still part of her identity. She has become part of an exhibition, a timeless work of art. 

In what can we recognize your personal style?
I love to combine something pure with experimentation. In this case, people have to take a closer look before they notice that the model does not actually wear the dress. This surprising effect in combination with her natural appearance (bare feet and no make-up) are typical for my work.

Passian Smit Hutspot

Passian Smit

Why did you choose the basic t-shirt?
The simplicity of this item was something that appealed to me and gave me many possibilities. For me, this basic t-shirt is something you can wear at any occasion. 

How did you translate the item into image?
The idea was to let the t-shirt stand out in a colorful environment. Nikki (model) is centred. This puts the focus on her and the Hutspot item she is wearing. A white t-shirt is timeless, and with the red car I tried to create a retro feeling that strengthens it even more. 

In what can we recognize your personal style?
Mainly the coincidence of simplicity and color composition.

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