Bisococo: ‘coconut oil can replace most of your skincare products’


What do skin cream, lip balm, makeup remover, and baking oil all have in common? 100% fair-trade and plant-based coconut oil. Bisococo produces a range of organic plant-based skincare products. All products are 100% natural and toxin-free. We spoke to founder Jessica Johansson about the benefits of coconut oil.

Paterson Hi Jessica. Why did you start Bisococo?
I discovered coconut oil when I was living in New York a few years back. It is such a versatile ingredient that can replace most of your everyday skincare products. No more of my bag filled with cremes. However, the only thing that did not really work was the big glass jar that coconut oil usually comes in. As a result, I started to buy empty tubes and fill them with oil for convenience. Did you find a gap in the market?
Haha, well kind of! As an Art Director, I love package design. Therefore, giving the tubes a cute label came naturally to me. People started noticing, thinking it was an already established brand! As a result, Bisococo was born.

Biso Coco Hutspot

whence Why is coconut oil so special?
It is an amazing natural product that has so many benefits and ways to be used. The organic variant is full of fatty acids that help repair your skin barriers. It feeds dry skin and balances greasy or oily skin. In addition, it can also be helpful for sensitive skin, eczema and skin conditions. I stress the word natural on purpose because there are many coconut oils out there that are made with chemical processes. This removes the natural benefits. 

Barra do Bugres For what do you use the coconut oil?
A lot! For example, I use it as a make-up remover at night. This way, it also serves as a night creme. Add some extra on your lashes and brows to give them extra-nourishing during the night. You can also use it as a hair oil to handle your hair frizz or to style your ends by lightly massaging.

Other purposes: body oil, lip oil, face oil for day and night, massage oil, hair mask or shaving creme.

Biso Coco Hutspot

Shall we dive deeper into every product?
Sure, let’s start with the main product: the coconut body oil.
You can use this to moisturize your skin – both face and body. We have recently re-designed the packaging to make it easier to use under temperature differences. You know you have good quality coconut oil when the substance changes under different temperatures.

The face mist is one of my favorites. Spray it on your face during the day to keep it hydrated and refreshed. When you are on the go, after a cold bike ride or when you are sweaty in summer; it gives all the refreshment you need. Above all, the mist does not interfere with your make-up.

The coffee scrub smells delicious and is packed with natural ingredients that have powerful qualities. Exfoliating your skin gives it a chance to breathe and produce new skin cells. Coffee grounds peel and wake up your skin. Cinnamon is good for blood flow and makes it plumper. Finally, we added a generous amount of coconut oil which leaves your skin super smooth.

Finally, our organic lip balm is a very hydrating and moisturizing solution for your lips. It is unscented and has no added fragrance. However, you can sense a mild, delicious fragrance from the coconut oil.

What trends do you currently see when looking at skincare?
People are more aware of health and aim to make better choices. This also includes what type of chemicals they put on their bodies. I would say that the natural, vegan, plant-based skin and beauty lifestyle is just starting!

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