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Books by MENDO: the perfect way to spend your easter weekend


In case you haven’t heard of MENDO yet, now is your time! The Amsterdam based book store and publisher celebrated their 15th anniversary last year, still releasing one beautiful book after the other. All their books tell a visual story, are unique and a pleasure to the eye. We asked MENDO to pick five of their favorite titles and tell us a bit more about what makes them unique.

Ōtake The Workshop
The Workshop gives a sneak peak into the workspaces of 25 Dutch creatives. It gives an intimate look into their daily environment and does not only show where they work, but also how they work and what makes them unique. MENDO did the publishing and design for the book in collaboration with Renée Leeuw (former editor-in-chief for Roomed magazine) and photographer Iris Duvekot. The selection of creatives in the book is very diverse; from photography to fine art and from well-known artists to starting entrepreneurs. However, a signature Dutch pragmatic approach and consistent high taste level is what connects all artists in The Workshop, making it an inspiring read.

Loncoche Sportret
The MENDO team, also a big fan of sports, took it upon themselves to create a photography book in collaboration with Dutch sports photographer Klaas Jan van der Weij. Sportret offers an overview of the most eye-catching work of Klaas Jan van der Weij, showing his way of looking combined with texts by Dutch athletes, journalists and anecdotes that show Klaas Jan’s extraordinary personality.

When everyone is at the finish line, you will find Klaas Jan on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere, just because he had a ‘hunch’. Nine out of ten times, that hunch is right. He can not really explain it, neither can we, but somehow Klaas Jan sees different things, making him capture the most unusual moments.”

Books by MENDO

Books by MENDO

order accutane online australia Depart
The book Depart is a MENDO initiative and design, curated by the illustrious Sizoo Brothers. The Sizoo Brothers asked 22 of their worldwide contemporary photographer friends to translate their favorite places both visually and in text. Depart tells the story of the ‘new photographer’ who sees the world with different eyes and has the urge to immediately share what he sees. Using often self-thought techniques results in photos you wouldn’t see in a classic travel book.

One of the team’s favorites is photographed in Bangkok: “The photo of the boy in a train, made by Chanipol Kusolcharttum, we really like. There is something about his look that is extremely striking.”

Gaigeturi This Is Not A F*cking Street Style Book
What makes street style photography relevant today? As Virgil Abloh describes in the foreword: “Fashion is in somewhat of a renaissance, and this book and its photography is documenting it while its happening.” The work of cult/street style photographer Adam Katz Sidning is characterized by striking colors and unusual compositions. Furthermore, his skill to shoot extremely direct and intimate portraits of people whose eyes seem to pierce right through you is remarkable. Reason enough to publish his work in a book.

“Adam is a very honest, sincere and direct person. He doesn’t beat around the bush, which provides quite some controversies every now and then. Above all, he is extremely talented and truly one of a kind.”

Streets Of New York
We all know the images of the iconic skyscrapers in Manhattan, but what makes Streets of New York different is its diverse representation of the city. All images are shot by 40 contemporary photographers that like the city for different reasons. It is hard not to love the city that never sleeps.