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Alfredo Gonzales

Based in the Netherlands

Karaman Alfredo Gonzales is an exotic sock brand from the Netherlands. Characterized by uplifting and original designs, the brand is here to up your outfit with a playful touch. Think krabs, squids, pelicans, and flamingoes. What design is your favorite?

The story behind Alfredo Gonzales

where to buy accutane online yahoo answers Founder Dennis Ebeli was inspired by the story about a man called Alfredo during his trip to Mexico. The story goes that Alfredo worked his way up from being a poor immigrant to a pioneer in socks. Alfredo started customizing his socks with buttons and grew out to be a legend.

A safe option is an option too

Nalhāti Not feeling all the colors or statement prints? Check out the selection of striped prints in calm colors for a more timeless alternative. Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.