21 Double Scarf Ocher: Natural

Alpaca Loca

Based in the Netherlands

http://surveybase.co.uk/measured-building-survey-london/ Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label that specializes in the design and production of quality alpaca wool products. Alpaca wool is a natural, super soft fabric and has many advantages over sheep wool or cashmere. It is hypoallergenic because it does not contain lanolin like sheep wool. The structure of alpaca wool is stronger than that of sheep wool or cashmere. It sheds much less, making the Alpaca Loca scarves very comfortable to wear as they do not sting. It is very dirt and water-resistant. Thanks to the hollow fiber, it insulates very well and is wonderfully warm. It is a 100% natural product and Fairtrade.

Yangquan The wool used for Alpaca Loca products comes from alpacas from Ecuador. The products are all handmade in Ecuador by a community of weavers. We value quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility and have consciously chosen to set up production in this way. The wool weavers receive a fair salary and we regularly see the good working conditions in the factory with our own eyes. Your purchase will directly contribute to Ecuador’s economic growth and alleviate the poverty of the alpaca herders.

Warmer than wool and softer than silk

http://macayanez.com/project/2018 Alpaca Loca uses 100% Alpaca wool for its products. Alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive types of wool. Thanks to the hollow fiber, alpaca wool is very light and as soft as silk. The hollow fiber is insulating in the cold and breathes in the heat. This makes alpaca wool very comfortable to wear in different weather conditions.

Maintenance-free: water and dirt repellent

buy antabuse disulfiram Snow, rain or even red wine have no chance with alpaca wool. Alpacas live at extreme heights and their coat is adapted to extreme situations. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and fire-resistant. Washing Alpaca Loca products can be done by hand or in the machine.

Hypoallergenic and does not stick

Alpaca wool is an exclusive type of wool, it contains no lanolin and is therefore hypoallergenic. Due to the pure smooth fiber, it does not itch or sting the skin. Are you allergic to sheep’s wool? In more than 80% of the cases, you are not for alpaca wool.

A 100% Fairtrade product

Alpaca Loca products are produced in Ecuador by a small community of alpaca wool weavers. They purchase on fair trade terms. The result: a quality product that makes the world a little better!

About shaving

Since the winters in the Andes mountains are very cold, the alpaca needs a thick coat. But because summers can get extremely hot, this soft little creature has to get rid of its fluffy coat. Nature ensures that the hairs fall out partly by themselves, but the Ecuadorian farmers lend a hand to shave through the wool. In this way, the process is animal-friendly from start to finish, which is very important to the Alpaca Loca brand.

Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.