Bien Philty Hutspot

Bien Philty

Based in Eindhoven

buy fake antabuse Artist Bien Philty created his own fantasy world to escape to. Heavily inspired by the military, his characters form armed troops who travel in a world surrounded by flora and fauna. As a result, an interesting contrast is evoked in the art prints by Bien Philty. Bien’s unique visual style makes his work mysterious. Consequently, staring at his art for a long time is anything but boring.


North Chicago His design process always begins with a hand-drawn black and white sketch. After that, it ends up on the digital screen. Bold color palettes, fine lines, and different textures then bring the fairy tale alive.

buy gabapentin tablets With strong compositions and contrasting elements, his illustrations are worth taking a look at. Discover art prints by Bien Philty at Hutspot Eindhoven.