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Crisp Sheets

Based in Amsterdam

Crisp Sheets is founded by Lara Ourtane who once said: ‘We spend a quarter of our life in bed. Therefore, we believe a bed should be the highlight of your bedroom; a reflection of taste and personality with the comfort of a crisp and freshly made bed’. In other words, high quality bed sheets should be on your priority list.

Comfortable and crisp sheets

All materials used by Crisp Sheets are characterized by their signature crisp cotton which is woven with a special technique. Because of this, it gives the textile a unique crisp touch. In addition, the bed sheets stay soft and keep the feeling of a ‘fresh made bed’ without ironing.

Purity collection

The Purity collection is all about neutral and serene colors. How about terra cotta, sand, nude or a beautiful sea foam? In addition, all bed sheets in the Purity collection feature a subtle texture for an extra soft touch.

Shop the Purity collection by Crisp Sheets in a selection of sizes and colors at Hutspot Rozengracht.