Ferm Living Hutspot

Ferm Living is all about exploring your sense of comfort at home. With products for dinner parties, plants, kids, your living room and much more, Ferm is here to cozy up the day.

Scandinavian cool

The soft forms, unique textures and deep colors of Ferm Living will enrich any interior. Their beautiful, soft and cheerful kids toys and accessories are the perfect gift for any youngster. Looking to treat yourself? The sophisticated line of ripple glasses are sure to fancy up your dinner table. And finally their versatile plant boxes, available in a soft series of colors, will instantly lighten up your urban jungle.

From Denmark to the world

From their studio in Copenhagen, the brand works with artisans from all around the world. Blending their Scandinavian heritage with global influences, craftsmanship and traditions, they keep their authentic Danish touch whilst exploring the uniqueness of foreign cultures. Welcome home!