Forever Studio Hutspot

forever studio

Based in Rotterdam

Non Sung forever studio is a concept-based design studio, driven by research, new developments and experiments. Founders Bienke Domenie and Sara Degenaar are always searching for surprising combinations between unique and commercial design. Therefore, the duo’s work ranges from product- to spacious design. ‘Fitting’ design lamps are now for sale at Hutspot Rotterdam.


buy modafinil with prescription The name of forever studio their new series, ‘Fitting’, speaks for itself. Coming in a series of colorful resin bases, these lamps are a bright addition to any interior. Because they are free of any fixtures, Fitting will find a place anywhere in your home.

Beam Light These impressive light sculptures fill the gap between the floor and ceiling. This is because the colors of two massive and hollow pillars interact as they overlap, with the light bringing out its translucency. As a result, it becomes a surreal, yet simple design. ‘Beam Light’ explores materials through form and color.

Shallow Sculptures

neurontin 800 mg street value The last of forever studio installations might also be its most outstanding. ‘Shallow Sculptures’ was born in an effort to build the biggest possible form out of transparent film without adding any construction to the material itself. This series explores the boundaries of the material by folding, creating different layers of transparency and color.