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go as u.r

Based in Belgium

go as u.r is a Belgium fashion and lifestyle brand that puts a high emphasis on sustainability. The label creates fashion-forward beauty products that are ready for the future because of their vegan and natural qualities. Similarly, the brand makes you feel good by motivating self-expression and promoting unique style.

go as u.r aims for a better world

go as u.r uses 100% recycled plastic or bio-based packaging for all their skincare products. Additionally, the brand avoids plastic packaging for their make-up range, favoring FSC® cardboard paper. Most noteworthy is their recycling program which gives you one free product if you send them seven empty packaging containers.

beauty products

go as u.r beauty products range from face creams and cleansers to lipsticks and mascaras. Certainly, all products are vegan, natural, dermatologically tested and paraben-free. As a result, all beauty products are futureproofed and great for your skin. For every sold item, the brand donates 1,- to Women’s WorldWideWeb and their mission to empower women across the globe.

Shop a selection of beauty products by go as u.r at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rotterdam.