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Goed Houtwerk

Based in Eindhoven

Goed Houtwerk (‘good wood craftmanship’) makes beautiful, recycled oakwood cutting boards which are a must-have for every home chef.

Goed Houtwerk cutting boards are unique and hand-made

Maarten Dijksman makes each board by hand in his studio in Eindhoven. He uses high quality second hand furniture as his main source of material, giving beautiful wood a new life on your kitchen counter. The cutting boards are made with end-grain wood, which shows the tree’s growth lines. This makes each piece unique, with a high quality finish. Because of the precise manufacturing technique, these boards are a one-time investment which we are sure you’ll enjoy a lifetime.

Be kind to your knives

Because of the type of wood used, Goed Houtwerk products prevent your knives from going blunt too fast. When cutting, the knife sinks into the end-grains of the wood. Therefore, the blade experiences less resistance, making sure it lasts meal after meal.