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Founder Thijske Noordhoek was fed up with the confusing ingredient labels on all her beauty products. As a result, Het Zeeplokaal offers all-natural soaps that are 100% plant-based and vegan. The soaps use unique materials like charcoal, oatmeal and green clay.

why choose het zeeplokaal

First of all, the soaps are 100% plant-based. Secondly, all raw materials are sourced and processed as natural as possible. For example, the green clay is dried in the sun instead of using synthetic processes and activated charcoal is a waste material from peel coconut.

Next to this, Het Zeeplokaal tries to decrease its carbon footprint as much as possible. They do this by working together with a sustainable transport company and by developing new packaging that reduces the need for extra protection materials during transport.

cleaning soap for in the house

Het Zeeplokaal also offers cleaning soaps for in the house. Add some water to wash dirty pans or to create an all-purpose cleaner. Additionally, you can chop up a smaller part of the soap, melt it in a pan and use it as washing liquid for clothing. When melted, the substance will stay liquid.

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