Himmee Hutspot


Based in Finland

A family-run company; Himmee has a Scandinavian and minimalistic aesthetic inspired by the light and darkness of Finland’s northern latitudes. This far up North, there is almost no light to be seen during winter time, while in summer there is light around the clock. Because of these unique circumstances, the Finns have become true masters of light of which the brand is a great example.

Authentic shapes and high quality materials

Himmee started in 2014 when founder Timo Niskanen launched its first line of lighting fixtures. Since then, the range has steadily grown to an impressive series of unique, modern pieces with each their own character. From bedside lights to desk lamps, the brand offers something to brighten up any space with great style.


In 2017, Himmee stepped back from its core business and launched a series of candle holders. Titled Himmee Unplugged, this project is a statement in today’s hectic and technology centred life. It encourages you to light more candles and enjoy a moment without wires, chargers and notifications.