i-did Hutspot

i-did Design

Based in the Netherlands

smokelessly i-did Design is a company that crafts acoustic interior products, bags, and accessories from recycled felt. Pretty special right? Even more special is the fact that i-did provides people that have been on welfare with the opportunity to craft their products. Through coaching and guidance, the brand helps its staff members to develop their unique skills and re-discover their talents. Employees learn to sew, die-cut, laser, assemble and cut. After that, around 70% of these employees manage to find a long term job. 

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Patzún Additionally, i-did contributes to a more sustainable world through crafting with sustainable felt. In 2014, the brand developed its own sustainable felt made out of old work uniforms and textile. These uniforms range from old KLM uniforms to hospital uniforms and Efteling uniforms. All uniforms have different colors resulting in unique colored felt.

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