Based in Rotterdam

ICON010 is a brand for design products based on the iconic hotspots of Rotterdam. They have translated these hotspots into graphic icons that give their products a face. The style is sleek and iconic, and they pay a lot of attention to materials, printing techniques and finishings of each product.

‘As a graphic designer, I see Rotterdam as a great source of inspiration. Rotterdam is always evolving and has grown into a city of prestige worldwide. This inspired me to establish ICON010. My vision as a designer is “less = more”. Communicate visually clearly and directly through sophisticated design. Always with an eye for detail, color, typography and use of images in which the essence of a brand comes into its own. ICON010 fits exactly in my vision as a designer.’, explains Rogier Hendriks, founder of ICON010.

Shop a selection of ICON010 art prints at Hutspot in Rotterdam.