Icone Lingerie Hutspot

Icone Lingerie

Based in Paris

Icone Lingerie is created with a passion for modern, simplistic influences. The Parisian brand stands for high-quality fabrics and sophisticated details while maintaining affordable prices. Aesthetically, their items features romantic details that pay homage to the city of love. In addition, materials are delicate and silhouettes refined and feminine.


From its Parisian design studio, Icone Lingerie knows how to create high-quality fabrics with an eye for detail. For example, beautiful lacing on their bras and panties and modern colors make the brand timeless and trustworthy. In other words, the brand creates sexy and elegant lingerie for the modern women.

Shop Icone Lingerie at Hutspot Van Woustraat, Rozengracht and Magna Plaza in Amsterdam.
Also available at Hutspot Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Breda.