KANE Hutspot

KANE Watches are timeless essentials. With clean and cool designs, they offer the best money can buy. Upgrade your look with one of their fresh styles.

Versatile flexibility

In a world of fast fashion, KANE Watches takes a step back by focussing on the core: a good timepiece. Due to their wristbands being interchangeable, you have the opportunity to match your watch with any outfit or occasion. Out for dinner? Consider one of their luxury leather looks. Away for business? Go with beautifully black stainless steel.

From Amsterdam to Tokyo

KANE Watches embodies Tokyo’s essentialist movement. Essentialism is all about removing clutter, focussing on what really matters and making more out of less. These watches do just that; delivering beautifully sleek designs, mixed with just the right pinch of personal style. No nonsense, just badass watches.