Kewlox Hutspot


Based in Belgium

Chances are high that you have seen their closets around before; Kewlox has been on the forefront of modular furniture design for decades. Lately, the infamous interior design firm from Belgium paired up with graphic artist Inge Rylant for their new ‘Tokyo Textures’ collection. Available at Hutspot van Woustraat.

Influences from the East

Antwerp based illustrator Inge Rylant creates graphic, minimalist and colorful depictions of the everyday environment. She strips away the unnecessary details, reducing objects to their fundamental elements of color and composition.

Much of her work is inspired by her travels around the globe; so is ‘Tokyo textures’. This collection consists of a series of silk screen printed closets, clearly taking elements from Japanese culture. The combination of soft, light Kewlox wood and the fine-lined, brightly colored images by Rylant makes for an easing yet powerful image.

The pre-Ikea closet

Kewlox has been an industry leader for over sixty years now. Their modular systems need no tools to build, which made the brand flourish far before the Ikea-era. With endless possibilities in color and composition, their timeless design is still present in many homes. Besides all that, Kewlox also promises a lifetime warranty, sustainably sourced wood and eco-friendly production on all of their products.