Kyky Hutspot


Based in Amsterdam

Looking for a fun and unique new phone accessory? The Kyky phone cord cases might hit your sweet spot! Kyky Amsterdam is a label that focuses entirely on phone cases with attached cords. The cords attached to the case allow you to carry your phone around your neck or shoulder. This means no longer having to be depended on big pockets when going out! Additionally, your phone is always within reach when you stumble upon something that immediately needs to be photographed.

Phone cords

Kyky phone cords are made out of long-lasting rope material that does not stain, fade or get dirty. Therefore, you can wear the cord in any setting without letting it get damaged. Additionally, the cords are detachable and come in a broad range of different colors. Mix and match with different colors to spice up your favorite outfits.

Find Kyky at Hutspot Rozengracht and Hutspot Magna Plaza.