Laponie Hutspot


of Scandinavia

When it comes to creating healthy skin, Scandinavian skincare brand Laponie believes that leaving ingredients out of their products is the key to efficiency. Therefore, instead of using a lot of ingredients and promising a million solutions, Laponie delivers what they promise through only incorporating no-nonsense ingredients in their products. 

Skin conditions

Additionally, Laponie has a unique approach to categorizing skin. The brand doesn’t typify skin types instead, it focuses on different factors to determine what products your skin might need. Such factors include the amount of sleep, food intake, stress levels, climate, and hormones. The brand believes that you should not use skin products based on a skin type, but based on what your skin needs and when it needs it.


Laponie does not test their products on animals. They strive to produce sustainably and focus on quality, safety, and efficiency. Lastly, their packaging is made out of a minimum of plastic.

Find Laponie skincare at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Magna Plaza.