Leonie Vlaar

Based in Utrecht

order ivermectin over the counter Leonie Vlaar is a slow fashion brand that produces sustainable, personal fashion items. For Hutspot, she created a series of zero-waste mouth masks, made of recycled denim fabric from Enschede Textielstad, produced in the Netherlands. They come in three different shades; grey, denim blue and sand. The face masks are reusable and washable on 60 degrees. They come with a small pouch for safe storage. Each cover has an inside layer to add a filter if you want extra protection. The masks come in two sizes: regular and grande. Choose a size up if the length from the tip of your nose to your chin is more than 11 cm. The Leonie Vlaar face cover is your sustainable and stylish choice for traveling with public transport.


order generic Seroquel online Leonie Vlaar is not responsible for incorrect use and/or safety of the face masks. The face masks are in no way a replacement for any form of medical protective equipment. If you at any point need professional healthcare equipment, please consult a professional healthcare institute. The face masks are not intended as a substitute for other recommended protective measures to spread COVID-19. Please follow the guidelines, rules and laws of your local government.

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