Mana'O Nani Hutspot

Mana’O Nani

Based in Poland

Mana’O Nani explores the wonderful world of child imagination through a bold and unique series of toys só soft you won’t be able to not cuddle them.

Mana’O Nani toys are super cute and handy to use

Cocolito the bear, Rudy the cat and Rassscal the snake are all part of their playful universe. They design and produce each furry friend by hand in their workshop in the city of Gdansk, Poland. Each creation is a loyal kids’ companion, both at home and on the go. Their family of bears each come with a set of hidden magnets, so they can be easily transformed into a soft seatbelt pad to accompany your little devils on a trip. Not much into traveling? Their magnetic superpowers are also perfect for climbing the fridge or radiator.

Quality first

Mana’O Nani works together closely with high quality suppliers. For example, their knit collection is created with 100% lambswool made by a family run yarn manufacturer from Yorkshire UK. All their creations come with an anti-allergy filling, so anyone can play with their bears, cats and other little monsters.

Come catch your favorite at Hutspot Rotterdam.