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Mas Newen

Based in the Netherlands

The probiotic, toxin-free soaps, shampoos and conditioners by Mas Newen offer a natural way to take care of yourself. How? All their products are free of palm-oil, perfume and other unnecessary additives. With a mix of pure extracts you won’t put anything scary near your skin, while taking care of the planet at the same time. Let mama nature do the trick!

It’s alive?!

Yes, you read that right. The soaps by Mas Newen are completely plant-based, with natural enzymes activating its refreshing powers. All the nutrients and oils in their soaps work together naturally, making sure your skin and hair are in good hands.

100% A-OK

A beautiful product should come with a beautiful story. That’s why Mas Newen is completely cruelty-free and all their soaps come in recycled plastic packaging. Also, they work closely with the Kodkod foundation in an effort to regenerate Chilean forests and boost the local economy.