Mother Hutspot


Based in Belgium

For all plant lovers, green thumbs and design junkies out there, Mother has something in store for you. Their new Bloom grow light is perfect for indoor cultivation of fast growing plants like vegetables, herbs or tea.

The power of LEDs

Thorough understanding of plants, humans and lighting come together in the sleek design that is Bloom. Powerful LED-lighting mimics the full spectrum of sunlight. Therefore even your toughest green babies will flourish, also in dark corners.

Long-lasting green thumbs

Mother designed Bloom to last a lifetime. They only use sustainable materials and techniques: the slim heat transferring profile is made out of aluminum, which is the best metal to be recycled. Also, the beautiful plant-friendly LEDs survive an average 8 years.

Modular magic

Finally, Bloom can be completely disassembled and doesn’t use any glues, which makes it easy peasy to replace the LED module might it break. This feature also provides you with many home-decoration options. Leave Bloom hanging from the ceiling, place it vertically, build it into a closet or mount it above a plant shelf. Go crazy!