MvdT Hutspot


Based in The Hague

A 6 month trip to Bali with an open mind and no plan resulted in an extraordinary collection: The MvdT collection by Marlous van der Toorn. Marlous is a Dutch designer with a rich background in fashion. She creates minimalistic, complementary pieces of jewelry. In Bali, Marlous learned the art and craftsmanship from local artisans. Consequently, after 20 lessons, a small collection was ready for production.

Furthermore, the designs are solely handmade out of high-quality materials. Pure metals, brass and sterling 925 silver, for example. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. It has been used for centuries as a semi-precious alternative to gold. Additionally, The MvdT Collection was created with antiquity in mind and intended to age over time.

Discover Marlous van der Toorn’s remarkable accessories at Hutspot Eindhoven.