MvdT Hutspot


Based in The Hague A 6 month trip to Bali with an open mind and no plan resulted in an extraordinary collection: The MvdT collection by Marlous van der Toorn. Marlous is a Dutch designer with a rich background in fashion. She creates minimalistic, complementary pieces of jewelry. In Bali, Marlous learned the art and craftsmanship from local artisans. Consequently, after 20 lessons, a small collection was ready for production.

where to buy ivermectin uk Furthermore, the designs are solely handmade out of high-quality materials. Pure metals, brass and sterling 925 silver, for example. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc an alternative to gold. Additionally, The MvdT Collection was created with antiquity in mind and intended to age over time.

rectangularly Discover Marlous van der Toorn’s remarkable accessories at Hutspot Eindhoven.