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Based in America Nalgene is an American company that specializes in convenient water bottles. Their products were originally developed for scientific reasons because the team was looking into alternatives for glass. Luckily, the scientists were also big hiking fans and started to use their plastic bottles on trips. As a result, Nalgene has become essential when thinking about travel gear.

high-quality water bottles

buy provigil reddit There are many reasons why the brand has not changed its designs in decades. First of all, the water bottles are completely leak-proof. Secondly, the wide mouth makes the bottle easy to clean. This also enables you to fit in ice cubes and other ingredients. Finally, the material is light and easy to carry. The bigger Nalgene bottle can store up to a liter of water without taking much space in your bag.

Nalgene water fund Their water fund supports communities struggling with access to clean water. The brand partners with nonprofits to raise money and awareness.

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