OFORM Hutspot


Based in the Netherlands

Designer Naomi Bijlefeld creates unique jewelry with a mix of geometric shapes and beautiful materials. Naomi founded OFORM in 2014 with a collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces in shapes based on the form of language. From here on, the brand’s recognizable language has further developed into an abstract aesthetic, now offering a series of playful yet sleek designs at Hutspot Eindhoven.

OFORM jewelry offers something for everyone

Stainless steel, acrylate, gold, silver and marble are the main ingredients for each OFORM piece. As the brand uses so many different materials, each collection has a sense of diversity. The stainless steel items show a timeless and edgy look, while the marble items feature a more romantic aesthetic. The acrylic jewels are a perfect fit for the real game-changers out there. Rather looking for something classic? The sterling silver and 18 carat gold series are a beautiful addition to every jewelry collection, suitable for any event.