Pikaplant Hutspot


Based in the Netherlands

buy modafinil online uk paypal You never need to water Pikaplant. This is because each hand-picked plant is hermetically sealed inside a humid biotope and continuously recycles the water and air inside. Its lifespan differs, but most prototypes have survived 40 months of solid recycling. In addition, the jar can be reused after replacing the plant with another Coffea arabica plant. Even if you’ve killed all your cacti, the Pikaplant jar will keep giving your daily doses of urban jungle.

The big idea

buy gabapentin online usa Designers Daniel and Joost started their Pikaplant journey at Hutspot. Four years later, their iconic ‘plants in a jar’ are gracing interiors all over Europe. ‘We learned that people who are hospitalized in intensive care are not allowed to keep plants because of contagion. We saw potential in creating a green solution, since science shows that contact with nature can positively impact medical recovery by 20 to 30 percent.’


Dāmnagar Pikaplant selects their plants based on a combination of aesthetics and durability. Because it is a design object, it should meet the eye. Furthermore, the team wants people to enjoy their plants as much as possible. The oldest Pikaplant jars are now over 4 years old.

újezd ona hleda jeho Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.