Pinqponq Hutspot

Pinqponq is a backpack and accessories brand founded in 2014. Aside from the recognizable logo, the brand is unique for their sustainable ethos and design aesthetic. All items balance innovation, function and sustainability in a unique way, making sure that you keep on using your backpack every season.

Pinqponq equals sustainability

All fabrics are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. Pinqponq also partners with Bluesign who aim to keep toxic chemicals from the supply chain. Furthermore, the brand is connected to the Fair Wear Foundation to improve workplace conditions in their factories. All connections with local suppliers and partners in their production country Vietnam are nurtured and deeply cared for.

Minimal design

High quality and timeless design make sure that Pinqponq bags can last multiple seasons. Inspired by contemporary art, music and fashion, the brand continues to experiment with materials and looks to celebrate smart and crisp solutions.