Based in Denmark

SELECTED is a global brand that draws inspiration from Scandinavian simplicity. Firstly, its women’s wear collections consist of sophisticated items that balance trend and timeless pieces. Secondly, its menswear collections aim for a modern approach that is suitable for both casual, classic and formal occasions.


SELECTED has set clear goals to become 100% sustainable. To achieve this, the brand invests in 100% organic cotton sources, responsibly sourced cellulosic fibers and best practices for wool. In addition, 50% of their polyester needs to be recycled and the brand will invest research into the development of sustainable fibers by 2025.

Shop SELECTED Homme and Femme at Hutspot Van Woustraat, Rozengracht and Magna Plaza in Amsterdam.
Also available at Hutspot Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Breda.