STONED Marble Hutspot


Based in Amsterdam

cheap viramune online STONED Marble creates beautiful marble homeware that will last a lifetime. The duo Derkan and John sources their marble from the Aegean Coast and the Turkish countryside to create durable and minimal designs. Their aphorism is ‘keep it simple’.


neurontin uk STONED Marble is available in a variety of black, white and pink platters, candle holders and bowls. In addition, the new Burgundy collection adds a luxurious touch to the collection by featuring beautiful warmer tones.

Marble care Marble is a natural product and, therefore, differences may appear. For example, the black marble collection is mostly black with white veins, but brown and gray coloring may appear. In addition, the same goes for the white collection and the pink marble collection where other colors may appear. Furthermore, always use water and a mild dishwashing detergent when you want to clean your marble piece. Just like wine, marble develops a wonderful character with age. nzKYdnY6u5lgVdh7HuxBkCNb8NxRie6kM8M9AN3Yc8blioKeTv7JxyB0l0u0QfVjrD7t13b7iO09IqpPxesoEdAYAMYVLHlgTY6j vWe3Mv Muei9XAKxb1p0VTC0MMNNvKp3bn2DHo9PU0cNJY5BqhTA= Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.