Based in Eindhoven VANTOT is the collective title for the works of Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp, who are united by an unstoppable drive to create and innovate. Operating from the “smartest” square kilometres of Europe, Eindhoven, VANTOT is specialised in translating innovative and experimental ideas into refreshing applications, products and installations.

Farīdpur From Wageningen, Esther Jongsma met Breda-born Sam van Gurp while studying in Eindhoven. After graduation, Jongsma and van Gurp started their own respective studios but a few years later fused their shared interests together, co-founding a workshop in 2014 in Eindhoven’s industrial district-turned-creative breeding ground, Sectie C. Working under the moniker Vantot, the duo conceives projects inspired by industrial processes and technical developments, while making sure to ground the creations with a dose of humanised innovation. Electricity is a prevalent fixture in Jongsma and van Gurp’s designs, and aligns with the pair’s belief that the role of a designer is to connect past and present craftsmanship as well as different industries.

Cover Curtain

Ermenek Cover Curtain a spatially roomdivider meets a bookshelve. Showcasing your favourite bookcovers as a rhythmic moodboard in space. Cover Curtain works as an instrument with endless possibilities. Created to proudly show your hided gems and prevents piling up endless towers of unread magazines.

Lohārdaga Cover Curtain comes in three different colours. Our basic module comes in sandblasted brass-coloured aluminium, which is light and free of corrosion. Alternative colours are “Silver-gray” and black. Custom colouring on demand.

Studio VANTOT’s Cover Curtain is now on display at Hutspot Eindhoven.