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The Cool Club

Based in Amsterdam

Sidareja The Cool Club is the coolest deck of playing cards. Their main set of cards features happy, colorful and minimal illustrations of influential people. For example, cards feature Queen Victoria, Jimi Hendrix and even Amy Winehouse.

design aesthetic

Ruston The Cool Club aims for a design aesthetic that is both friendly and positive. In addition, the aim of the playing cards is not to create a satire or to make fun of people. Instead, the cards are meant to bring some fun, color and positivity into the world. The studio adds: “From this concept, we made a mood board and started experimenting. We must have tried out over 10 different styles and, in the end, this was the one we decided on. Once we were set on the art direction, we could apply it to anything. Our illustrations vary from Beyoncé to a dolphin to a Dutch ‘rookworst”.

other variations The Amsterdam based design studio recently released a new deck of playing cards featuring a series of animals and cars. Are you looking for a feminist gift? The brand also offers an all-female version. Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.