The Sundowner Society Hutspot

The Sundowner Society

Based in South Africa

Prep your tastebuds, because we have something special in store for you. Our South African friends from The Sundowner Society are all about adding something special to your favorite drink.

An explosion of flavor

With the ‘Botanical Bombs’ from the new Amsterdam Collection, they provide everything you need to mix a perfect drink. Take, for example, the fresh ‘Canal Cruising’ mix, with pineapple, naartjie (mandarin), lemon grass, grape slices and juniper berries. Or try one of their other three varieties. The Sundowner Society provides you with beautiful drinks inspired by the equally beautiful sunsets in South Africa.

How does it work?

Not much of a cocktail shaker? No worries; the bombs make mixing a delicious drink easier than ever. Just add a sachet to a shot or two of gin, vodka, rum or whatever floats your boat. Add some ice and finish with 250ml ice cold tonic water, dry ginger or soda. Stir, and let the Botanical Bomb infuse for a couple of minutes. Now you’re ready to enjoy an explosion of flavor like no other. Did we catch you in the middle of a cleanse? Simply hold the alcohol and you make yourself an amazing virgin cocktail.