Ucon Acrobatics Hutspot

Ucon Acrobatics

Based in Berlin

Ucon Acrobatics is a lifestyle brand from Berlin working with talented artists and design communities. They create goods that enable new journeys and exploration. In addition, their bags and backpacks for men and women balance functionality and style. At Ucon Acrobatics, there is a vision to develop a lifestyle brand anchored by creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production.


Mindful consumption and simplicity are key factors when looking at the brand its design process. As a result, all bags are durable to ensure they last a lifetime. In addition, the brand is an official PETA partner which means that no animals are harmed during production and that all items are vegan. Furthermore, Ucon Acrobatics produces in ethical factories and is a partner of My Climate to reduce C02 emissions in all aspects of the company.

Shop Ucon Acrobatics at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rozengracht in Amsterdam.
Also available at Hutspot Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Breda.