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Veld Tulpenwodka

Based in the Netherlands

scenographically Fun fact: did you know that tulip bulbs work as an aphrodisiac? Veld Tulpenwodka is 100% Dutch and made from the best biologically grown tulip bulbs. Therefore, this vodka offers a unique taste without having to sharpen your teeth.

Veld Tulpenwodka is a prize-winning vodka

Nakhon Luang According to the International Wine & Spirit Competition, Veld’s unique taste could best be described as: “Delicate flower blossom with a gentle nuttiness and a sweet, rooty earthiness. The flavors of the tulips come through well, along with a modest sweetness. Therefore, it becomes the best compromise between character and smoothness.” Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and at Hutspot Eindhoven.