Veloretti Hutspot


Based in Amsterdam

Boden In the Netherlands, there are more bicycles than citizens. The Amsterdam based brand Veloretti made it their mission to create the best bike of them all. The result is a timeless and light-weight design that requires low maintenance. Veloretti offers an affordable city bike that is sturdy, high quality and super comfortable to cycle on.

Caféracer, robyn and more models

Riverside Veloretti offers a variety of mature bikes for men and women. Because they are easy to customize, the bikes come in many different forms and sizes. For example, you can choose types of saddles, grips and add accessories such as lamps, bells, and locks. In addition, all bikes come in a variety of colors. Call your nearest store to find out what models we have available for a test ride.

Veloretti mini and accessories

Losheim Next to mature bikes, Veloretti also offers a selection of minibikes for toddlers. The bicycles are easy to assemble and come in a variety of colors. In addition, the brand also offers contemporary headgear that emphasizes both style and safety. For example, all headgear uses an EPP-layer in combination with a light-weight polycarbonate outer shell.

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