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Winter in Holland

Based in Amsterdam

Cozy up with Winter in Holland scarfs, cushions and blankets. They use only the best, high-quality and hand-made fabrics and knits for these beautiful accessories. And, most importantly: all products are socially hand made.

The best fabrics in town

Winter in Holland calls themselves thé ‘connoisseurs of cloth’ and we couldn’t agree more. With years of experience behind the sewing machine, they have perfected the art of fabric making. They dye their yarns, knit their fabrics and sew their items with the utmost care at their workplace in Amsterdam. Creating unique patterns and high quality products is their forte.

Socially (hand-)made in Amsterdam

Winter in Holland started looking for meaningful cooperations to co-develop the brand since their rapid expansion in 2015. During this quest, they got to know a group of  inspiring women in Amsterdam West who work in the ‘GildeLab’. This initiative encourages people with lowered chances in the job market to perfect their craft and find a job that suits their professional knowledge. The women in this specific group have been taking care of their families for years, resulting in less time to develop other skills. Winter in Holland, in collaboration with GlideLab, offers them an intense series of classes, resulting in a healthy collaboration. Today, they form a highly skilled production force that is responsible for the brand’s beautiful products.