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Coming out of the modular closet with String furniture


With Scandinavian design remaining to gain in popularity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the modular closets from String furniture still feel just as fresh. The brand has several models and enhances the interior of countless homes around Europe. We had a chat with the guys over at String furniture in Sweden about its history, design, and future.

When and how was String furniture founded?
String furniture dates back to 1949 when a competition was announced by Sweden’s largest publishing house. The aim was to design a book cabinet which should be simple, affordable and easy. Nil Strinning had been playing around with a design like this and put his thoughts into action. After winning the first price, his ambition became reality! Over the past 69 years, String furniture has grown into an international company featuring a variety of modular systems.

How does the modular system work exactly?
You are able to choose from a variety of side panels on which you can hang shelves, cabinets or even a table. We have some limitations in size, but you are practically free to design your closet however your heart (and home) desires. The side panels are mounted on your wall, making the closet reliable and sturdy. You can always switch up the shelves or add a cabinet depending on your current interior.

String furniture Hutspot

The design of String furniture has been relevant since 1949. What makes it so timeless?
The main reason is the simplicity of the design. The idea of ‘less is more’ has been our design philosophy for many years. Also, the cabinets are applicable in almost any interior style and any room. From the living room to the kitchen, the bathroom, home office or bedroom; we could even see it in the toilet! Swedish design is timeless, fresh and light and simultaneously decent and honest. Quality is very important and the value for money is good. These values are as relevant today as they were in 1949. 

Are there certain combinations you see a lot? Or combinations that you guys are surprised by?
We have seen a lot of different combinations over the years. In the past, we saw a lot of designs using dark metal and dark shelves. However, there is an increase in light and white combinations, probably due to the rise in popularity of Scandinavian design. The most surprising combinations we see are intended for unique spaces or venues. It’s funny to see how a design intended for a book cabinet also works in so many other settings.

Despite the rich history, what are your plans or goals for the future?
We are constantly developing. Currently, we are working on the expansion and improvement of our collection. There’s always something that can be done better, designed sleeker or functional elements that can be added. Secondly, we want String furniture to go worldwide. It would be fantastic to have our closets in homes in Japan, Brazil or Australia.

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