Earth Day 2021 x Boro*Atelier


order generic neurontin On Earth Day 22nd April, we were joined by the natural dyeing experts, Boro*Atelier in our Van Woustraat store to revive and reuse old Hutspot tote bags.

With the help of Roua and Tess, our indigo aficionado’s, we constructed a dyeing station on the upper level of the store. With everything in place for a busy day of dyeing, customers were welcomed to choose from a variety of different patterns to give their old tote a fresh new look. Each bag was dyed in a unique and intriguing pattern; Tye-dyed, dip-dyed, you name it!

Whilst the bags were being dyed, customers had the chance to gain some expert knowledge on the indigo dyeing process from Tess and Roua whilst enjoying some refreshing Pinky Rose mocktails.

Mārkāpur About the Indigo
To guarantee a non-toxic, safe, and sustainable dyeing process, Boro*Atelier uses only natural and biodegradable ingredients, Indigo being one of them.

Indigo originates from the leaves of the indigo plant, Indigofera Tinctoria and is best known for dyeing our beloved denim. Boro*Atelier sources their indigo from central America which is regarded as some of the “best indigo” with a high indigo percentage. One of its most unique qualities is its exquisite colour change. Once the item being dyed in the vat in removed, it first has green and yellow tints before it oxidises into the brilliant blue it is renowned for.

traverse Limited Edition
Did you miss the event? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Shop the limited-edition indigo bags in our Amsterdam Van Woustraat store.

Photography by Achhnera Maja Silver