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Talking music with Eefje de Visser: ‘I am a sucker for clever melodies and strong atmosphere.’


Eefje de Visser has already given us many songs to dream away to. The Dutch singer/songwriter is praised for her innovative sound and dreamy lyrics that have captivated many (including the Hutspot office!). We sat down with Eefje to talk about her latest tour, what inspires her music and writing in Dutch. Give her Spotify playlist a listen and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music.

Hi Eefje! Are you busy preparing for the new tour?
Yes I am! This tour is going to be exciting because I want to experiment with new ways of performing. I will perform alone, but it will not be an acoustic set all. I will use a lot of new equipment such as drum computers, samplers, synths; it is going to be cool!

What do you like most about performing?
The process of writing and recording can become quite isolated. So to experience these same songs with an audience is amazing. A group of people can really become one when experiencing music together. There is no distance.

Can you remember the exact moment when you realized that you wanted to make music?
I was raised in a very musical environment, so it was always quite obvious to me that music would play a part in my life in some way. I started to write songs from a very young age already.

Really? Do you remember the first song you wrote?
My brothers used to listen to artists like Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette. I guess the first songs I wrote were just copies of what they would sound like haha!

What ingredients in a song do you usually respond to?
I always search for something that feels authentic and refreshing. I am a sucker for clever melodies and harmonies that together form a strong atmosphere. And mystery… I find it interesting to see how someone can create a song out of a place of unconsciousness. Something logical, yet still absurd. Almost like a dream.

Do you find it important to keep re-inventing your music?
I do. However, this process happens very organically. I find singer-songwriting/folk music very beautiful, but I always aimed for my music to also contain something catchy. Something that makes it a bit more entertaining and a bit less serious. Contrary, I was going through a difficult period during the writing process of my second record. You can definitely hear this back in the record its more ‘dark’ and acoustic sound. So these sonic changes are all very much influenced by certain periods in my life.

Why did you choose to write in Dutch?
At some point, I was asked by a friend to write some Dutch songs for a theater production. I was never really too impressed with my English writing skills, so writing in Dutch felt like a revelation. It enabled me to write more creatively and to use my imagination on a larger scale. When I first started, people made a lot of comments about how vague my lyrics were and how relatively unintelligible my sound was. In English, people seem to care less about this. Don’t get me wrong; I love English songwriting and especially abstract English lyrics have inspired my Dutch writing a lot.

Could you tell us something about your Spotify playlist? Why did you choose certain songs?
This playlist contains a selection of songs that I love and there is not really a red thread. Over the years, I have started to value songs that are not necessarily the best examples of clever songwriting, but that do have a contemporary way of handling sound and production. Artists such as Jamie XX, Little Dragon, Kelela and my latest discovery The Blaze really inspire me in this particular way. I also added music by my friends Sofie Letitre and WWWater. Beautiful songs by talented artists that should reach way more people!

What is the next step?
The tour is going very well, so we will extend and start a second tour next February. I am also writing my 4th record and some pre-productions have already been made. However, I really want to take my time for it as I feel that this next record is an important one. Expect me to release it when it is 100% perfect!

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