Dutch Design Week at Hutspot Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week: ‘Plant Installation’ by DUS Architects and more


What are your plans for Dutch Design Week 2018? Be sure not to miss the beautiful ‘Plant Installation’ by DUS Architects from October 20 till October 28 in Hutspot Eindhoven. Next to impressive planters with beautifully 3D printed structures, we will also show works by Gerrit Rietveld graduate Alexander van Bakel and host an interactive food experience by We Crave. Want to learn more about the latest trends in design? Join the inspiring trend talk by MARE on October 25 from 17.00 – 18.00 to discover the ‘why’ behind new products and ideas, spotted during Dutch Design Week 2018.

Discover the full program below or attend the official Facebook event HERE.

Plant Installation by DUS Architects
‘How cool would it be to create objects that elevate every plant into a tree?’ The 3D printed planters by architecture and design studio DUS Architects have beautifully pleated structures and impactful size. A limited set of geometric rules directs the pleats and plays with texture, light and shadow. The planters are made from oleaginous materials and are bio based.

Click HERE to read our conversation with Dus Architects about ‘Plant Installation’.

Paradise Found by Alexander van Bakel
Gerrit Rietveld graduate Alexander van Bakel created nine archetypal worlds that are translated to an entirely rational solar system. His series of intriguing images remind us of both the monumental architecture of the past and what future cities could look like. The internet is a source of inspiration for Alexander van Bakel, using it as a mirror to make us wonder where the digital world is headed toward.

Trend Talk: A trend researcher’s perspective on Dutch Design – October 25 17:00 – 18:00
In a world where change is the only constant, Amsterdam based trend agency MARE unravels the ‘why’ behind new products and ideas. Join us on October 25 for a show-stopping trend talk showcasing the underlying trends behind new, innovative design – spotted during Dutch Design Week.

Click HERE to RSVP. Entrance is free.

Essentia: revealing the layers of taste by We Crave
We Crave is a Madrid based studio passionate about the interactions between different disciplines. Partnering up with chef Paola Carlini, they created a surreal food experience that debates between the essence of being and the essence of a fragrance. Expect an exciting five course menu built by the layers of our personal connotations with scent and food.