Hutspot Play exhibition launch at Dutch Design Week 2017

Hutspot play exhibition launch at Dutch Design Week 2017


We are very excited to welcome you at the Hutspot Play exhibition launch at Dutch Design Week 2017. From October 20th till October 29th, we will transform Hutspot Eindhoven into an interactive and exciting playground for art and design. Designers of different disciplines will showcase their designs ranging from a technical music instrument to modular garments for you to engage with. Join us on the 19th of October between 17:00 and 20:00 to have a sneak peek of the exhibition and grab a drink provided by Warsteinerand Bos. Entrance is free!

Why a playground?
Many people see their childhood as the most creative period of their lives. As children, we have an endless imagination. We make up the craziest scenarios and have the ability to turn the most simple things into a source of inspiration. With our Play theme, Hutspot pays homage to that childhood playfulness and creativity. During the Dutch Design Week 2017, we will host a series of events that will do just that.

Check out our full ‘Hutspot Play’ program during this years Dutch Design Week at our events page or stay up to date via the event on Facebook.