Discover this year’s gift guide for the holiday season – part 1


December has officially arrived and that means fancy dinners, gift shopping and – most importantly – spending time with the ones you love. At Hutspot, the holiday season means awesome gifts and festive accessories that cater to any occasion. To make things a bit easier, we’ve created 4 unique gift guides for you to discover. Check out the Fancy and Conscious Gift Guide here or discover part 2 to get inspired by the Girl Boss and Gadgety Gift Guide. Something for everyone. Happy holidays!

The Fancy Gift Guide

Hosting a party? Craving for a luxurious holiday season? The Fancy Gift Guide features our favorites to decorate the table in style and impress all your friends with delicious cocktails and beautiful table ware.

– Marble accessories by STONED Marble available online and at all our stores.
– Drinking glasses by Ferm Living available at all our stores
– Drinking glasses by Things For Drinks available at all our stores
– Vegan chocolate by Raw Halo available at all our stores
– Vase by FÉST available at all our stores
– Cocktail accessories by W&P available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rozengracht
– Genever by Kever Genever available at Hutspot Van Woustraat, Rozengracht and Eindhoven
– ‘Tulpen wodka’ by Veld Tulpenwodka available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rozengracht
– Candle holders by Studio Thier & van Daalen available online and at Hutspot Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven

The Conscious Gift Guide

Did you know that many of our in-store brands value sustainability? The Conscious Gift Guide features products that give back. For example, the book ‘This Is A Good Guide’ by sustainability expert Marieke Eyskoot talks about all corners of life and how to improve them. Want to explore all our sustainable brands? Click here to see all products and where to find them.

– Pikaplant available online and at all our stores
– Ketchup made from left-over tomatoes by The Ketchup Project available at all our stores
– 24Bottles available online and at all our stores
– Sustainable paint gift voucher by fairf available at all our stores
– Bamboo toothbrushes by The Bamboo Brush Society available at all our stores
– Recycled candles by Wax + Wick available at Hutspot Van Woustraat, Rozengracht and Utrecht
– Shop 100% vegan soaps by Levity Parlour at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rozengracht
– Shop 100% natural skin care by SA.AL&CO at Hutspot Rozengracht, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven
– Shop sustainably sourced jewelry by Yellow at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Rozengracht
– Shop eco-leather accessories by O My Bag at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Eindhoven

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