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hypodermically Horizn Studios is all about the future of travel. The Berlin-based brand continues to push the boundaries of easy exploration by creating timeless and innovative suitcases. Both the M5 and H5 cabin luggage + a selection of accessories are now available at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and Hutspot Rotterdam. Time to dive deeper into the world of Horizn Studios.

The future of travel

Rembertów Horizn Studios has always been about innovation. For example, the brand was the first to integrate a removable charging functionality for mobile devices. Next, the brand also initiated optional GPS tracking that enabled personal travel assistance services. 

Horizn Studios quality

All suitcases feature a signature aerospace-grade polycarbonate case. This means that the outer shell of your luggage is protective against rain, bumps and the changing air pressure during the flight. Hard as a rock and light as a feather; each Horizn Studio suitcase is both resilient and easy to carry. 

Horizn Studios Hutspot

The M5 Cabbin luggage

The Horizn Studios M5 Cabbin Luggage is cabin approved for all airlines. It features high-end Japanese 360 spinner wheels and a polycarbonate hard shell. A one-click removable smart charger makes sure that you can charge your mobile devices on the go. The M5 features a water-resistant front pocket that can hold up to a 15” laptop and other travel essentials. 

Available in colors: All Black, Blue Vega and Dark Olive
Specs: 40 cm x 55 cm x 20 cm. 33 l. 3.5 kg.

Horizn Studios Hutspot

The H5 Cabin luggage

The Horizn Studios H5 has slightly more space for belongings in comparison to the M5 (35l in comparison to 33l) despite being lighter in weight. The suitcase is cabin approved for all airlines and features an additional TSA-approved lock. All regular Horizn Studios features such as the high-end Japanese 360 spinner wheels, a polycarbonate hard shell, and a one-click removable smart charger are also present in the H5 cabin luggage. However, the M5 front pocket is missing from the H5 suitcase.

Available in colors: All Black and Blue Vega
Specs: 40 cm x 55 cm x 20 cm. 35 l. 3.1 kg

Shop the Horizn Studios M5 and H5 suitcases at Hutspot Van Woustraat in Amsterdam and Hutspot Rotterdam.
A selection of accessories is also available.