jetfighter summer cocktail Kever Genever

How to make: jetfighter summer cocktail with Kever Genever


scorching In Hutspot Recipes, we ask the creative forces behind many of our delicious food and drink brands to come up with an inspiring recipe. The guys over at Kever Genever sure know how to make a cocktail. On a journey to turn the classic drink upside down, Kever Genever is a smooth and contemporary old style genever. Looking for your new go-to drink to pull you through summer? This jetfighter summer cocktail will do the trick.

where to buy cenforce online Ingredients:

– 50ml Kever Genever
– Bottled Bitter Lemon or Sicilian lemonade
– Lemon
– Fresh mint
– Ice cubes How to make:

– Pour the Kever Genever in a long drink glass
– Top with quality bottled Bitter Lemon or Sicilian lemonade
– Garnish with lemon zest, a sprig of mint and some ice cubes

Cabrero About Kever Genever:

Kever Genever is a handcrafted contemporary style old genever distilled. It is smooth and excellent to drink straight or as a mix in a mouth-watering genever cocktail. The drink contains a higher percentage of malt wine, making Kever Genever more accessible in taste. Winner of the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2016.

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