KAOSZ Interview – Monday 28th June 2021


Pregabalin back order Located in the heart of Amsterdam Noord you’ll find the eclectic Kaosz Atelier, founded in 2020 by the world’s most laidback exes, Bette and Gijs. We dropped by their studio in the weeks before our Hutspot x Kaosz collab to find out a bit more about their story. (And get first dibs on those Togo sofas!)

Sunan Hey Bette and Gijs, thanks for having us to your gorgeous atelier. 

Glassboro With your first birthday coming up, tell us a bit about the start of Kaosz and you first year in business? Especially under the most bizarre corona circumstances!

I was working as an Art Director and Gijs worked as a project manager in retail. We both quit our jobs to be able to live the life that we want to live and to begin Kaosz. We are free birds that need to create.

From our previous jobs we have a good combination of skills that complement each other well and we both value freedom and adventure. These values all come together with the concept of our brand.

We travel abroad a lot and often never know exactly where we will be going to source our items. It can be a bit of a surprise! One minute we’re in a football stadium, the next thing you know we’re in an incredible old building with unbelievable interiors in another country!

For us the past year wasn’t so bad. With all this time at home and quiet in the world we had the chance and the time to start something without all the chaos! We had a lot of peace and creativity which made it a lot easier to just start. We were just going with the flow, we didn’t really have a big schedule, we just went for it!

During the pandemic I think a lot of people have been very busy with their interiors so that’s been great for us!

where can i buy cytotec without prescriptions How would you best describe Kaosz to a total alien?  

The word ‘chaos’ is written differently, but pronounced the same in all countries we collect from. It’s a big chaotic mix of anything, from anywhere, from and for everyone. We collect vintage and secondhand furniture locally and abroad. Items can be old, new, branded or unique. From any era.We combine the items to create our collection and make it look like it’s ment to be. There are so many nice things already, so we don’t want people to have to buy new items. There is more glory to things with a story!

If this isn’t too much of a secret, where do you source your items? 

Through European connections in France, Belgium and Germany and locally, in the Netherlands as well. We’re really hoping Scandinavia will be next on our list!

When searching for new pieces, what do you look out for? Do you search for items that are trending now or do you stick with your personal style?

Most of the items we choose are definitely down to personal style. We do look at the trends and there are items we know will be extremely popular, but we do try to be quite timeless. Of course, sometimes we must take a risk. We might really love it, but we have no idea whether it will sell. Some things sell in a day and others don’t, so we still need to get a taste of what works and what doesn’t.

A lot of people are searching for a specific interior style and they find combinations of colours, products, designs and ages here that they really like and wouldn’t place them together themselves. They see how we combine items here in a new way and they want that style for their own homes. In one corner here it’s really 70’s with the Togo and the room screen. But then the lamp and the rug are as good as new. It’s pretty eclectic!

Do you repair or redesign items? 

Yes, we do! We try to be as sustainable as possible. Re-upholstering is great because you’re not buying a totally new item, but in a lot of cases you are using new fabric. That’s why we always try to use quality leftover fabrics for re-upholstering. The wonderful thing about this is that you can reimagine an item in your own way. You can combine it and style it. When we do this with a client’s idea in mind, we need to spend some time searching for the perfect and immaculate left-over fabrics. And sometimes we choose it ourselves.

What is your all-time favourite era for interior and furniture design? 

The 70’s! From this decade you have such good fabrics and materials. It’s really coming back as a trend with all the browns and textures and shapes.

And finally, do you have a favourite item of furniture? 

Bette: Pierre Paulin’s earliest design pieces.

Gijs: Klauss Uredat’s Corbi Sofa.

Since being in this business we’ve both found that those unique and unknown pieces with no label or designer are often our favourites. But we’re always changing our minds!

You can now shop a beautifully curated collection of Kaosz in both our Eindhoven and Amsterdam stores. 

Online soon!