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An interpretation of Wes Anderson’s iconic movie catalogue


Last week, the new Wes Anderson movie ‘Isle of Dogs’ premiered in one of the coolest cinema’s in the Netherlands; KINO Rotterdam. To celebrate the launch, we asked 8 illustrators to re-create their favorite movie poster from the Wes Anderson catalogue. The result was exhibited during the special ‘Isle of Dogs’ premiere evening in KINO Rotterdam. We spoke to some of the artists about their design and inspiration. 

‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ by Levi Jacobs @levijacobss
Especially the interior design of the hotel appealed to me. It was shot in an old German department store in the art nouveau style.

The poster is a translation from a shot of a bathhouse that only lasts 2 seconds in the movie. After some research on the internet, I found out that it was shot in an existing bathhouse in the same German village where the rest of the movie is shot.

‘The Life Aquatic’ by THE PHONEY CLUB @thephoneyclub
The ‘imaginative sealife’ and the tactile, handmade feel of the movie were typical style elements. And, of course, the little red hat.

We wanted freely interpret the style elements that we thought were interesting. We chose a collage technique, because it fits with the tactile and joyful/loose character of the movie

Wes Anderson Hutspot Kino

‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ by Lobke van Aar @lobkevanaar
The movie is full of corny jokes, absurd twists and magnificent scenery. I did not get inspired by just one element, but got lost in all the beautiful details

‘Bottle Rocket’ by Jacco Bunt @jaccobunt
Bottle Rocket contains all the characteristic style elements of Wes Anderson such as color, composition, fine details, beautiful locations etc. Close ups of written notes, drawings and various objects play a major role in creating an artistic atmosphere.

The translation of sensitive themes combined with details and the use of color in this movie were the inspiration for this poster. I tried to translate all the interesting themes into simplistic elements. For example, the applications of geometry and symmetry are clearly presented in this film and is therefore also present in my design.

‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Venour @venour
One of the most typical style elements from the movie was how the characters (puppets) were made. They had strong characters what also made them real and relatable. The colors also played a part in this and especially the color orange was very important in the movie.

I translated this in my design by using the color orange and angular shapes. A little detail can be seen by looking at the dotted lines that refer to the sewing with which the puppets are made.

‘Rushmore’ by Mark van Wijk markvanwijk.net
The movie features a very special triangle relationship. All three main characters show this relationship in a different way, emphasizing both their character and Wes Anderson his own style.

I selected a couple of these scenes (based on what they tell) and translated them into little ‘sneak peaks’. The shape was inspired by the original movie poster.

Wes Anderson Hutspot Kino

‘The Darjeeling Limited’ by STUDIO IEDMAN @studio_iedman
I got inspired by the heartwarming emotional chaos and symmetric visuals that are so present in the movie. Wes Anderson knows how to tell the story of the three brothers through clever styling; medicine, pepperspray, a cobra. Nothing is too crazy.

I tried to emphasize the movie its exotic and oppressed atmosphere. Adding the Indian landscape and train visualizes the journey of the three brothers. Furthermore, all are gazing towards a unsure ‘future’, surrounded by their visual characteristics. 

‘Moonrise Kingdom’ by Studio Xaviera Altena @xavieraaltena 
What I think is characteristic for the movie Moonrise Kingdom is that it translates the feeling of ‘the first love of your life’ into the design of the set, clothing and music. Everything is a bit innocent and feels like an optimistic adventure with some tension from time to time, just like the story of a first love. 

I have translated the main character ‘Suzy Bishop’ into my own style. Complete in her distinctive outfit, but with a twist. Suzy is already a bit older on the poster. Looking for love is something that you keep doing all your life, not only when you are young.

All movie posters are now on display and for sale at Hutspot Rotterdam.
Special thanks to KINO Rotterdam

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