Mairo Nawaz Hutspot

A playlist by Mairo Nawaz to get us in the party mood: ‘I would never play a song I don’t like.’


The Hutspot x Ontour Boat Party (Indoor) is only a few waves away, so it is time to sit down with one of the stars set to play at this exciting event. The 21-year-old DJ Mairo Nawaz is the poster boy for Zeedijk cool, member of Patta Soundsystem and has played at prime locations such as BAR, De School, Lowlands Festival and Pitch Festival. Give his Spotify playlist a listen here to get in the mood for his set on September 22nd.

Hi Mairo. We are very excited to have you play at our boat party. Tell us, what are some of the most memorable places you have played?
To be honest, I get excited about most places I play. However, what I find even more rewarding is how the crowd responds to my set. I am curious to experience the crowds excitement when sailing through the waters of Amsterdam!

What is your earliest memory regarding music? Did you grow up with certain genre’s?
My mom was Rastafarian, so I grew up with reggae. At my grandma’s, we would always listen to radio Apinti, which is a Surinamese station. Oh… and soul music. My grandma listened to a lot of soul music.

What is it about music that is important to you?
Music definitely cheers me up. I owe a lot of where I am today to music and I also met a lot of great people through music.

Did you always have the ambition of becoming a DJ?
I only started as a DJ when I was 18. After high school, I didn’t know what to do so I jumped from study to study. I even considered joining the army; I’m glad I didn’t!

After a while, I became Bonne’s assistant for his work as a stylist. Most people now know him from his brand Bonne Suits. Back then, he had these parties in Ludwig named ‘Thunderdag’. This is where I played my first sets and where my hobby became my profession.

You achieved a lot of things in such little time. Tell us your secret!
When I am passionate about something, I want to be the best at it. However, this swings both ways. I would never do something I don’t enjoy and the same goes for the music I play. I would never play a song I don’t like.

Is this how you stand out as a DJ?
I am the same person behind the turntables as I am in my everyday life. My character can be found back in my way of dressing and the tunes I play. For example, the music I like personally is the same as I play during my sets. I think this is also the reason why people like my music. What you see is 100% me.

Tell us about your Spotify list. Are there any songs that are important to you?
All songs on this list are equally fun and they just make me very happy. See you on the 22nd!

Mairo Nawaz will play at our boat party with Ontour on September 22

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