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The best MENDO coffee table books to give over the holiday season


Whether you are a hardcore book lover or not, some books just offer something special. Together with our long-term partner MENDO, we have selected seven coffee table books that are a perfect gift over the holiday season. Think beautiful photo books such as Depart or Streets of New York or inspiring travel stories such as Hit the Road or One Year on a Bike. Scroll down to learn all about them.

order stromectol Where Chefs Eat

The book Where Chefs Eat is an essential guide to good food and discovering new places. The book offers an extensive list of unique restaurants all over the world, tipped by top chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Jason Atherton and Shannon Bennett. Whether you are traveling or would like to discover more in your own country; Where Chefs Eat covers it all.

where to buy clomid Quality recommendations by top chefs

The magic of Where Chefs Eat lies in the quality recommendations by renowned chefs who know what they are talking about. The chefs categorize hotspots on their unique qualities such as breakfast, late night, local favorite or high end. We especially enjoyed flicking through the ‘Wish I’d Opened’ restaurants, a list of spots that chefs included because of professional respect and admiration. Something for everyone. Handy to use

Where Chefs Eat is extremely handy to use and offers different ways to discover new restaurants. Visiting a new city? Do you have a favorite chef? Check out their list of recommendations in no time. The list of restaurants is endless, making this book something you will have for life.

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najnowsze portale randkowe Hit the Road

There is something special about travelling together with the one you love. The book Hit the Road shows a wide range of couples trading in everything they have for a life on the road.

Touching and empowering

The stories in Hit the Road are both touching and empowering. Beautiful photographs illustrate their personal stories and the book gives handy tips that can help the reader to embark on the same kind of journey.

The Workshop (MENDO)

The Workshop is a gem for anyone who is passionate about craftsmanship and creativity. The book gives an intimate look into the workspaces of 25 Dutch creatives, featuring inspiring interviews and beautiful photo’s of studio’s, ateliers and offices. MENDO did the publishing for the book in collaboration with Renée Leeuw (former editor-in-chief for Roomed magazine) and photographer Iris Duvekot.

Diversity in the Dutch creative landscape

The Workshop shows many different disciplines within the Dutch creative landscape. Think both famous names and emerging talents such as photographer Erwin Olaf, painter Ans Markus, textile designer Mae Engelgeer and creative director Guillaume Philibert. A signature Dutch pragmatic approach and consistent high taste level is what connects all artists in The Workshop, making it an inspiring read.

#sendnudes (MENDO & TeNeues)

The book #sendnudes gives new meaning to the diversity of female beauty and body confidence. Curated by creative director Iman Whitfield, the book brings a beautiful selection of intimate photographs.

Breaking censorship

According to Iman Whitfield, being naked has the power to boost confidence. The book #sendnudes aims to release nudity from its taboo’s with an inspiring selection of intimate photographs.

MENDO Hutspot

MENDO Hutspot

One Year On A Bike

One Year On A Bike marks the incredible journey of Martijn Doolaard, who decided to cycle from Amsterdam to Singapore with no other plan than to ride east. The book gives a beautiful insight into what it takes to go out on such an adventure, including self-discovery and the beautiful sights he finds on his way.

An intimate journey

The photographs Martijn has made during his one year adventure are intimate and touching. Beautiful lanscapes are alternated with self-portraits, gear and heartships along the way. Diary like stories are a welcome addition to the already empowering visuals, giving us an honest look into his incredible adventure.

Streets of New York (MENDO & TeNeues)

Vibrant, alluring, creative, overwhelming: New York has many faces and brings out something different in everyone. Streets of New York is a beautiful photographic journey through the many different aspects of the Big Apple, paying homage to its diversity and uniqueness.

Truthful and honest

Over 40 contemporary photographers are curated in Streets of New York, offering a truthful and ever-changing perspective on a city that is in constant motion. Popular attractions like the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and World Trade Center are alternated with hidden charms and lesser known districts, making Streets of New York dive deeper into what the city has to offer.

Depart (MENDO & TERRA)

Depart is a beautiful photographic travel journal, initiated by MENDO and curated by the illustrious Sizoo Brothers. The book features work of 25 photographers showing the most breathtaking landscapes, including exact coordinates and capture time so that readers can go out and experience the photo in real.

The ‘new’ photographer

Depart tells the story of the ‘new photographer’ who sees the world with different eyes and immediately shares what has been created. The book is an homage to the increasing accessibly of photography, with self-thought techniques resulting in realistic photo’s you would not see in any other travel book.

The Sizoo Brothers

Brothers Basitaan, Bob and Willem Sizoo are tremendously popular on Instagram. Bob and Willem both started their popular account five years ago, while older brother Bastiaan had already won a National Geographic photo competition. Only three productions in the book are made by the brothers themselves, leaving room for the remaining 22 made by Instagram friends who share a similar aesthetic.